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Only One Ocean CD

Only One Ocean CD

Dive in! Swim with us, alongside sea turtles and whales, on a musical odyssey into the Earth’s one mysterious, marvelous – and precious – ocean. ONLY ONE OCEAN is 14 rockin’ new Banana Slug songs all designed to inspire young people and their families to learn about and care for the ocean. Special guests include George Winston, Brett Dennen, Zach Gill & Grammy winners Victor Wooten and BeaSoleil avec Michael Doucet.
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    Songs--- Only One Ocean * Kingdom of the Crab * Going Down, Down, Down * Mountain In My Hand * Ocean Everywhere * Standing on My Head * Cetacea * Coral Reef * Ocean Flow * Turtle Ate a Jelly * Plankton Soup * Jellies Ballet * The Living Sea * Too Hot
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